Saturday, 7 January 2017

A sip of red wine

A sip of red wine, suddenly unchained my inner voice. I was tasting, strongly feeling, perhaps even dreaming. Those gifted instants of true discovery, when you know it is you who is sincerely speaking, and from that very moment there is no recovery.

You will not be the same again, but an improved shadow that will always walk ahead shading your mistaken past. As a simil, perhaps the first fly of a bird. Leaving all behind for a chance of survival, although knowing that the instinct is further more important than any other natural law. But how to fly, when there are so many cliffs you could fall into? Well, taking the first exit, the first drop, will certainly take you down, but you can fly even higher from the point where you started. It is not the drop that matters, not even the place where you land, but knowing the instinct that took you down in the first place.

We are all intelligent animals and we all know how to survive, but going beyond reason to achieve that goal stamped to every one's soul. That is what makes life most difficult. Animals follow their natural purpose in life, but we are all well above simplicity. Why then surrender to the socially forced every day's life curse?

We have the chance to achieve the unlimited, learn from the greatest printed minds, listen to the most delicate musical pieces and getting trapped by its superb tonality, discuss of impossible facts with impossible friends, fall in love unconditionally, write our thoughts - so we and all can remember -, be mad inventors, fanatics for good, singers of happiness, painters of feelings, childish musicians, rebel parisiens, even magicians! Oh I forgot the gentle pleasures, bring those without measures! So much to be lived as such. Do not let your time be wasted without even one of those little things being tasted. Do not say you lived like "happy holi" is there is no even one scar on your body. If you do not know who you are by now, either you do not want it somehow or have many bad habits to slough.

I invite you to take just one a sip of that revealing wine, the one that will your thoughts certainly rewind, and surely also grind all those basis that make your chasis. Do not look around, as somebody might persuasively bring you down, so you can remain sound and impassively never have yourself finally found.

Just a sip... I hope your mind gets flipped, and your attitude has finally and distantly leaped, so you can then fall into a new written script.

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