Friday, 30 December 2016

Thoughtful year

I thought, for just over a minute.
Christmas that time of year...
Emotions suddenly flooded my senses,
while a random spark of images surrended with beauty my mind.
There were good, there were bad.
Memories of those who never came back.
Joy, was like a scream for freedom.
Sadness, delicate piano notes in an empty room.
Dreams, were just pursuing shadows of a better me.
Achievements, bricks of wisdom fulfilling my steps on the very intricate path of life.

Was perhaps the time to describe what has happened, what might I soon become. Well, let's then just begin saying that I was a boy without fear in a dreadfully vibrant year. Decided I was to find myself on a life direction change.

Purpose, that word came to my mind as a big bang, a thunder, a huge wave of power for survival in an nonsense of contemporary written tense.

Myself and the mirror, face to face, destiny in place, battle guaranteed in the most personal bless.

Happiness, that belief, almost made me a time thief. But not. I knew I was not, and I will never be. That word will not define my being. Purpose, it was then. Reasons and not wishes. Soul written facts and not mystic thoughts would guide me towards the very essence of my existance.

Wandering I found that there is no need for wearing a crown. As bolder I get, without much regret, my thoughts will set. Difficult it is to get good grip on this trip if it is no steep. Let's then fool those who never lived on a single moment of belief.

I can tell you there is no path, without moving forward. No romance, in absence of love. Reward, if you do not act toward. Cheer your self up and grow strong. Only look backwards in a lucid moment of mindful inwards.

You are now the germ of tomorrow's long-term. Root well yourself with gratitude in the joyful life soil showing some attitude.

I challenge you now, to think for just over a minute no matter how. While I wish you a happy new year, think what makes you snappy, my dear.

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