Saturday, 16 April 2016

Time of the falling leaves

Time of the falling leaves, when all colours dance in peace;
Letting go freeing yourself into the unknown paths of nature.
Feel the warmth and the cold, mixed in perfect bliss;

What lies behind, it does not matter.
It is the time for change, of doing greater;

Look around, cover your eyes in green and brown
Letting the mellow red and yellow, deepen inside your cover of feather.

Enter the labyrinth of shadows and lights,
Where the song of birds, will make you dream
and the ghostly mist will liberate your soul.

Transformed, evolved, ready to battle the winter storm;
you will fly motionless, you will scream silent,
no matter how, you will break the chains of quietness.

Your branches will grow strong and new leaves will flourish,
ready to once again reach the unknown, and if you do not perish,
if your dream was true and was not vanished into the ether...

You will then see with no sight, feel with no senses, and love with no craze.
 Like and angel you will exist in between worlds of wander.
Ready to take once again the steps of thunder.

Resiliently, you will wait for the moment to bloom for eternity.
And like perennial trees, you will finally retain your true self.

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