Saturday, 16 April 2016

Surfing Giants

Clamour whispers knock on my ears,
While warm rays of light start to draw some colour on this misty morning,
Following inner senses, I drive myself into the lands of rocky green valleys,
Where life comes alive in distant silhouette.

A man made path battles the serpentine coastline, in an endless march of unconditional beauty.
My pace starts to follow impulses of harmonic movement,
I feel like just a silent note on the complex symphony of nature.

Cliffs flavoured by a stormy past, contemplate motionless the agitated waters.
A group of shadows stand still ashore, while sea warriors fearlessly paddle the unruled white demons.

Just a thin line of balance, sentences glory or duvious fate.
But those men are born for the trade, and their synchronised moves reach a spot of no return.

Nervous silence announces that the great will rise once more above the horizon.
Suddenly, shades of black and white waters jump out to heavens, just broken by a floating blade cutting along them.

Furious are pushed down again, almost as if Neptuno would had been alerted.
The weight of seas suddenly drops on top of the unknown warrior,
who fights his way down into delicate dancing figures of floating uncertainty.

And the sea walker comes victorious once more, as if forgiven by heavens for his wild but courageous act.
It was as if these warriors were born to amuse the great giants, before sinking into the depths of darkness.

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