Saturday, 21 January 2017

Fear the man

The time of the people

Blind, deaf or heavely brain impared could someone end up after watching a school big boy taking over America's most powerful chair without any political valuable skill, other than making noise with exagerated arm movement and studied agressive gesture.

If that boy would not speak, then at least we would be scared for the unknown. Perhaps it would not be that bad after all, given that not doing anything the country is in pretty good shape already, and USA is an unstoppable machine that works on its own. But that boy has a speech, a powerful one, full of character, of empty promises, of simple words for simple minds. This becomes a big problem for us all. Fear the man who talks to you as if the rest were stupid, as if the others have done it all wrong. Fear the man who is married to a decorative woman without say, who in a position of power and media impact makes deplorable acts of discrimination. Fear the man who being billionaire billionaire deliberately  talks to the poor and iliterated audience. Fear the man who as a leader shows his cards in an agressive and imperative way towards others. Fear the man who embraces oligarchy. Fear the man who disrispects political opponents. Fear the man who disqualifies the most qualified voices. Fear the man who fears truth and free press. Fear the man who has no fear for lack of intelligence and knowledge.  Fear the man of slogans selling the smoke of nonexistent fires. Fear the man who fears and attacks art, as it tends to be the most pure representation of the voice of society. But most of all fear the man who has become who he is by a large support from american people, as it is not a problem to fear a man but unsustainable to face his millions of followers enabling his power.

Said all of this, much more could have been said. Perhaps sounds like a sad and fearful claim of the future now to come for USA. Well, on this case it is. And an uprising movement of political devastation is getting towards the old Europe too. Americans always claim to be the example of democracy. In Europe we have always known this was not at all certain, but the history make us respect their nation. America, perhaps if any, represents a model not to copy or implement. Nevertheless it is a powerful ally not to bother and if any please, knowing its influencial and absolute controlling role played in the delicate diplomatic world. USA is effectively the 'bullying' partner that we cannot get rid off, but with Trump's new atittude it is likely we will dance no more to their tune, giving us wings to change and be the moving force to drive peoples future.

We Europe are the future, it is now in our hands to start a new era of intellectual fraternal movement to face the indecency of the big players. Their socioeconomic and political models should no more be an example in this devastated and unequal world we live in. What is showing us are the risks that could also hit our nations. We today, see with neglectful impotent thoughts how China, Rusia and USA are endangered models. A new time is needed where citizens need to rethink anthropologist theories to avoid the obscure diversion into old failed models. We need to revert to a point were values, knowledge, honour, fraternity and truth are encoded to every citizen. We need a leading and talented movement which reacts and starts taking back those principles we all can have, by brave illustrative acts of educational social impact. Those should not only include a new sociopolitical and economical model, but also a challenging unfearful and unified transition plan to achieve our very best as humans and animals as a whole. We need to challenge the most important basic principle in our existence, which is our model of coexistance not only as humans but also as animals. We all know the model is wrong, but have not done anything to change at big scale. Perhaps it is not Trump or its followers you need to fear, but rather yourself and the lack of initiative of taking part in facing the need for a global change.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A sip of red wine

A sip of red wine, suddenly unchained my inner voice. I was tasting, strongly feeling, perhaps even dreaming. Those gifted instants of true discovery, when you know it is you who is sincerely speaking, and from that very moment there is no recovery.

You will not be the same again, but an improved shadow that will always walk ahead shading your mistaken past. As a simil, perhaps the first fly of a bird. Leaving all behind for a chance of survival, although knowing that the instinct is further more important than any other natural law. But how to fly, when there are so many cliffs you could fall into? Well, taking the first exit, the first drop, will certainly take you down, but you can fly even higher from the point where you started. It is not the drop that matters, not even the place where you land, but knowing the instinct that took you down in the first place.

We are all intelligent animals and we all know how to survive, but going beyond reason to achieve that goal stamped to every one's soul. That is what makes life most difficult. Animals follow their natural purpose in life, but we are all well above simplicity. Why then surrender to the socially forced every day's life curse?

We have the chance to achieve the unlimited, learn from the greatest printed minds, listen to the most delicate musical pieces and getting trapped by its superb tonality, discuss of impossible facts with impossible friends, fall in love unconditionally, write our thoughts - so we and all can remember -, be mad inventors, fanatics for good, singers of happiness, painters of feelings, childish musicians, rebel parisiens, even magicians! Oh I forgot the gentle pleasures, bring those without measures! So much to be lived as such. Do not let your time be wasted without even one of those little things being tasted. Do not say you lived like "happy holi" is there is no even one scar on your body. If you do not know who you are by now, either you do not want it somehow or have many bad habits to slough.

I invite you to take just one a sip of that revealing wine, the one that will your thoughts certainly rewind, and surely also grind all those basis that make your chasis. Do not look around, as somebody might persuasively bring you down, so you can remain sound and impassively never have yourself finally found.

Just a sip... I hope your mind gets flipped, and your attitude has finally and distantly leaped, so you can then fall into a new written script.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Regala con sapiencia

Esta Navidad regala con sapiencia,
Dejate de perfumes, corbatas y demás quincallas.
Señora, sí sí usted, no obsequie con bufandas, calzones, ni abrigos. Ni ese Jersey que ni es su talla, y además es un timo.
Déjese de atuendos y demás morralla, que ya me vestiré como yo anhelo y estimo.

Esta Navidad regala con sensatez.
No caigas en amigos invisibles,
dardo de necio en diana de los más viles.
Regala de verdad, sin atuendo ni imposición, que salga del corazón.
Madre con hijo de ingenua apariencia,
que no le atrape ese anuncio de la tele con más audiencia.
Olvide a esa princesa helada y a esos canes que hablan más que ladran. No compre muñecas, tractores ni espadas.
Déjese de cuentos sin fondo ni colofón, que esos de América no se lucren de su tierna flojera sinrazón.

Esta Navidad regala con sesera.
Que a buen recaudo se halle su billetera,
"pues el dinero al ignorante lo hace necio y petutante", y no seré yo quien a ese aguante.
Olvidemos al pelón, que con esa lotería no hay tu tía y suerte nunca tuvo su señoría. Bien merecedor de su cosecha será el que ponga empeño y buena mecha.
Ni acaso con manduca agasaje a sus convidados, ya que dicen que "barriga llena no cree en hambre ajena", y en este país bien los hay con mucha pena. Además "días de mucho, vísperas de nada", y no estamos ni para el derroche ni la fanfarronada.

Esta Navidad regala sin mirar a quien.
Puede que impresione al más iluso.
No discuta, no hostigue, a su enemigo otorgue e incluso mime.
Obsequie si cabe a ese suegro intruso
pues "dádivas quebrantan peñas", y le garantizo mejorará sin duda su Nochebuena, evitando con acierto otra indigesta cena.

Esta Navidad regala cultura.
Ya está bien de masajes, pedicuras.
Esas cremas no las quiero ni en pintura.
Tanta, tanta necia y cansina floritura.
No se preocupe de romper con tradiciones, pues "nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena",
si bien más amena y culta será su verbena.
No encapriche a su ahijado que aún no está bien educado, "pues el que no sabe, es como el que no ve". Alimente pues su vista con un recital sonado. No hay de malo en que haya un nuevo ilustrado.

Esta Navidad regala con ocurrencia.
Hecha un órdago, no te enchiques.
No has de esperar matices, si bien eliges.
Pues "a nadie le amarga un dulce", y algo con delicado gusto ha de disfrutar hasta el más complicado insulso.

Esta Navidad regala sin premisa.
Se bohemio, canalla y absurdo pero con un ingenioso toque lúcido.
Escribe, dibuja, canta o incluso actúa. Sal de ese disfraz y muestranos con gracia algo de tu bravura.
Prueba con un gesto no ensayado,
Un soneto que provoque por sublime,
o quizás un beso a alguien de ti prendado.
Pues de "músico, poeta y loco todos tenemos un poco", y para que negarlo eso usted lo muestra poco.
De devoluciones no te has de preocupar...
Pues el "saber no ocupa lugar"...
Y el tamaño, considerable, puesto que
"ande o no ande caballo grande" y "cuánto más se aprende más se sabe".

Y usted, sí sí usted, objeto de esta prosa, no se queje, no se encoja, no frunza el ceño ni me mire con congoja. Pues
a "caballo regalado no le mires el diente", y este regalo bien se lo hicieron por su agrado. Sin duda a usted le digo que "es de bien nacidos el ser agradecidos" y si usted  no admite la guinda de este envite, denle pues aquello que más antoje pues no seré yo quien en Navidad a usted le enoje.

Thoughtful year

I thought, for just over a minute.
Christmas that time of year...
Emotions suddenly flooded my senses,
while a random spark of images surrended with beauty my mind.
There were good, there were bad.
Memories of those who never came back.
Joy, was like a scream for freedom.
Sadness, delicate piano notes in an empty room.
Dreams, were just pursuing shadows of a better me.
Achievements, bricks of wisdom fulfilling my steps on the very intricate path of life.

Was perhaps the time to describe what has happened, what might I soon become. Well, let's then just begin saying that I was a boy without fear in a dreadfully vibrant year. Decided I was to find myself on a life direction change.

Purpose, that word came to my mind as a big bang, a thunder, a huge wave of power for survival in an nonsense of contemporary written tense.

Myself and the mirror, face to face, destiny in place, battle guaranteed in the most personal bless.

Happiness, that belief, almost made me a time thief. But not. I knew I was not, and I will never be. That word will not define my being. Purpose, it was then. Reasons and not wishes. Soul written facts and not mystic thoughts would guide me towards the very essence of my existance.

Wandering I found that there is no need for wearing a crown. As bolder I get, without much regret, my thoughts will set. Difficult it is to get good grip on this trip if it is no steep. Let's then fool those who never lived on a single moment of belief.

I can tell you there is no path, without moving forward. No romance, in absence of love. Reward, if you do not act toward. Cheer your self up and grow strong. Only look backwards in a lucid moment of mindful inwards.

You are now the germ of tomorrow's long-term. Root well yourself with gratitude in the joyful life soil showing some attitude.

I challenge you now, to think for just over a minute no matter how. While I wish you a happy new year, think what makes you snappy, my dear.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Tal día como hoy

Tal día como hoy, pausado el tiempo.
Sabor a sueño de despertar eterno.

Luz del día, que con fugaz fatiga la noche abriga.
Llamada cálida golpea los sentidos.

Tras de sí, la mirada permanece atenta.
Reflexión cercana, que traspasa el alma.
Cautivada, sonríe, acaricia, se apacigua.

Es quizás de tanto grito, la palabra sencilla,
que da sentido a tanta malversada rima.

Escapada la pasión, se apaga la vela,
dejando una torpe y desnuda huella.

La multitud silenciosa, amotinados a destiempo.
Danzando, difuminada, una figura se acerca.
No es si no un reflejo de la promesa del mañana.

En un fin de Enero que ya no es triste,
el pensamiento tenuemente se desviste.
Mientras la noche arde, mi voz combativa se desvela.